When choosing, we do not recommend diving into the technical characteristics of the grill, worrying if the model you like is less powerful per kilowatt or two than the more expensive one, and because of this, the grill will not cook normally.


Best gas grills under $500 2022 Social Overdoze
How to choose the Best gas grills under $500 2022 in 2022?

It will, don't worry. The main thing is that you choose from serious brands that invest a lot in making you cook with pleasure. Napoleon, Broil King, Weber - these manufacturers from the highest echelon are well represented in our country (of course, there are more brands overseas). Their products are in the medium to high price range. Agree, well-thought-out technology cannot be cheap.

Best gas grills under $500

People come to the purchase of best gas grills under 500 2022 in different ways, but definitely the audience has become more choosy when choosing, the approach has become more thorough.

Undoubtedly, the Internet and, in particular, the wildly growing popularity of video content are the first to awaken interest. Videos from across the ocean showing how a big bearded man opens the lid of the grill, and under it slowly turns on a spit and oozes juice; or cutlets are fried on a cast-iron grate in blazing flames, from which they then assemble a superburger with thinly sliced ​​​​tomatoes, pickles, onions and sauce flowing down the edges, only people who are completely indifferent to everything do not catch on.

People see that it is convenient, easy, and the picture with what is obtained in a gas grill puts all points over i.

Someone is initiated into a grill cook by friends, voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntarily - this is when a person comes to visit a friend, and there is a grill. Together they cook various delicacies, enjoy the process, the result and communication. After a short period of time, such a guest also has a grill.

Coercion is when a person gives their friend a grill that didn't have one, basically for one of three reasons. The first is that the friend is an ardent supporter of the brazier and denies everything new or unusual. The second is that there is no opportunity to buy a grill (in this case, the donated grill will make an indelible impression). Third - the person was simply not interested in the topic of grilling, did not know that such miracle devices existed, and here you are most welcome with your gift.

Napoleon Prestige PRO-665

In 2015, the popular American Internet resource TopTenReviews.com, which conducts an independent evaluation of goods and services, gave the Napoleon Prestige PRO-665 gas grill the highest score among 20 gas grills from the world's leading manufacturers.

Napoleon Prestige PRO-665 is a large and very interesting grill with eight burners and a 94x46 cm grate. In fact, it is an elongated version of the Napoleon Prestige PRO-500 model with the same technological and functional content in the oven (powerful main burners, rear burner for skewers, grating rod 9.5 mm thick, backlight); on the side tables (on the left - the same ceramic infrared burner, on the right - a plastic container and a cutting board); and below, only the locker is more voluminous, with lighting, shelves and a section for the cylinder.

This is an expensive and stylish little thing for very interesting tasks. He will harmoniously join a large family, where they like to receive and pleasantly surprise guests. He will greatly decorate the house, will become one of his main energy centers.

Prestige PRO-665, at least on an equal footing, will coexist with expensive furniture and other accessories on your patio; he will stand out with his article against the general background. This is an accessory for those who surround themselves with the best.

His culinary skills are also at the highest level, and regardless of whether you are cooking for two or even for one, exactly as well as for 10-15 people. The large grate and spacious oven allow you to cook perfectly in direct heat from the burners or bake, simmer, bake with indirect heat.

This grill has one feature - a built-in retractable wood chip tray with an individual burner, like the older model - Napoleon Prestige PRO-825. With it, you can experiment with smoking, give the dish a special flavor, using Napoleon wood chips from North America (cherry, hickory, mesquite, maple or apple tree). In other grills, if you want to use wood chips, you need to buy a special container, remove the grate and place it on the aroma plates or directly on the burners.