The appearance of a real estate agent, who should by God make a proper impression at a meeting, is always an important point.


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The dress code for a real estate agent is an essential part of the job

There can be no two opinions: the dress code for a real estate agent is an essential part of the job, an indicator of professionalism and one of the guarantees of a fruitful alliance with a client. Experienced professionals have long noticed that a tastefully dressed real estate agent concludes a lot more profitable deals. And that is not surprising: numerous studies show that the consumer always tends to see a direct link between appearance and quality of service.

Be that as it may, if you came to the first meeting in dirty shoes, threadbare jeans and a threadbare jumper, your reputation in the eyes of the client will get a gaping hole. Psychologists assure that here even a minor detail - a torn button, a dirty handkerchief, a stale shirt - can affect the desire to cooperate with you in the future. "There are two estate agents who wear shorts and barefoot slippers," said one of experts,  - "The slippers are, like, Armani, the cars are expensive. But people still find themselves shocked by this phenomenon of realtors to the people".

What professionals say

A real estate expert from Italy details the essentials of the best real estate agent outfits:

"A man should have - suits - two pieces, two pairs of trousers, two jumpers, some ties, shirts for every day of the week, two pairs of jeans (trousers), two pairs of shoes for every season. Cologne is expensive. No costume jewellery, except a wedding ring: even if not married you can wear it, a married man inspires more confidence. For a woman, a business suit, monochrome, no big buckles, buttons, etc. Make-up is daytime, no bright colours. Costume jewellery: earrings or small clips, no beads or chains, a small brooch on the suit is possible, but not conspicuous. Skirt length strictly below the knees. A few jumpers, a couple of skirts, a pair of jeans in a relaxed tone. Blouses for every day are different, without lace and embroidery. In case of skirt costume - tights without any extravagance. The requirements to the footwear are the same as for men."

Best real estate agent outfits

Thus all professionals from our Estate Agents List agree that the proper look of a realtor, true elegance depends less on the thickness of the purse than on the taste, sense of proportion, age, figure and, most importantly, the specific circumstances. The style of your clothes should vary depending on the situation.

"Clothing should be chosen in such a way that a poor client, looking at you, does not feel humiliated, and a wealthy person, who is your client, could appreciate the elegance of your business attire. Your clothing should always give a tacit "signal" - "I'm just like you" - to any category of customer. If you are meeting with a client who is not wealthy, it is certainly more appropriate to dress more modestly, so as not to antagonise such a client, to make him feel inferior to you."

Fit the moment

Expensive accessories are appropriate in the "elite segment". But in a lower-price segmant expensive gadgets are obviously of no use. I know a colleague who even gets into character when communicating with ordinary people, doesn't shave for three days and dresses more plainly.

If we go to settle a communal flat with winos, they clearly do not appreciate the clothes of world brands, just as the client on the "elite" will not understand the outfit from "Cherkizon. The wardrobe has to be different, to suit the situation.


Appearance must fit the moment. When showing luxury accommodation (especially in the presence of the owner), you must look appropriate. Showing an ordinary flat, you should also look ... normal, so to speak.

And with this in terms of reality is a sin not to agree. Equally as with a popular, but from it not less capacious postulate: "The main thing - that not a suit, and a smile was on a million dollars!