Jogging is one of the best ways to keep fit. But climatic conditions are not always suitable for outdoor running. The home gym will solve the problem.


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2022 Best Treadmill Under 1000 - how to choose?

Let's figure out how to choose a treadmill for your home so that you can find an option with a maximum of useful features that does not take up much space.

There are many options for trainers on the market. It is not easy to choose the most convenient, durable and functional device. We identified the main criteria, considered different types of simulators, their differences.

We also compared popular models by parameters to find the top three treadmills with optimal characteristics for cardio training.

Electric treadmill for home UnixFit ST-530M

  • 14 main programs;
  • Body Fat score;
  • informative illuminated screen.

The folding design is designed for people weighing up to 110 kg. The trainee can select the speed up to 12 km/h using the keys on the control panel. It is also equipped with an informative illuminated screen that shows the "distance covered", calories burned, pulse. There are 14 main programs and a built-in option - the Body Fat Assessment.

The canvas is 40 cm wide, 110 cm long. This size is comfortable for people of average height. The maximum tilt angle is 15 degrees, manually adjustable. The power indicator of the motor is 1.75 liters. With. The unit is compact, weighs 35 kg. It costs an average of 24,500 rubles. Included is a protective mat.


The owners of this Best Treadmill Under 1000 note that the home simulator is made with high quality, the design is strong. Clear display, very handy cup holder. It fits a sports bottle, no need to put a chair next to it. The path is almost silent. No extraneous vibrations. But the tilt adjustment is not very convenient - it is set in 5-degree increments, which is a lot.

Best Treadmill Under 1000

When choosing a functional, it is important for a trainee to understand whether he really needs additional options - they significantly increase the cost of the device. For example, if there is no need to inflate specifically the gluteal muscles, the GLUTE function is not needed, which adjusts the angle of inclination so that the main load falls on them.

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