Like any other acoustics, a soundbar can be a stand-alone device or a passive speaker system that connects to a receiver. Active soundbars do not require a receiver, they have a built-in amplifier, sound processor, power supply, a set of various interfaces and are connected directly to the TV.


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2022 Bose soundbar 500 vs 700 - chosing the best


There are two things to pay attention to here: 1) total output power and 2) subwoofer power. The first indicator determines the maximum possible volume of the device and helps you understand how to choose a soundbar for your TV. Models of 100 W are suitable for flat TVs placed in a room of 10 - 20 square meters. meters. If the area of ​​the room is 25 - 35 "square", you will need a 200W soundbar. For a 50 sq. meters suitable soundbar 300 watts.

If the device has a subwoofer, then it should be about twice as powerful as the soundbar in order to prevent the sound from sagging at maximum volume. For example, if the total output power of the speaker system is 300 watts, then 100 of them should come from the soundbar alone, and 200 from the subwoofer, like shown here:


For watching videos and movies, models that accept PCM, DTS and Dolby Digital streams are suitable. They are represented on the market by a large segment. More "advanced" models with playback in Dolby Atoms format make sense to use only if the speakers are directed upwards and there is the possibility of discrete channel amplification.

When choosing a soundbar model, it is important to pay attention to its speakers. Some of them can reproduce only part of the range of sounds, others the full range. The first are called single-band, they are tuned to a specific frequency and are low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency.

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