Psychological addiction is an equally important and serious problem that arises when smoking.


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Smoking is physically and psychologically addictive….

Smoking is physically and psychologically addictive. It doesn't matter if it's smoking tobacco, hookah or vape. Addiction is caused by the production of "happiness hormones". While smoking, the smoker experiences positive emotions. And if he is 100% sure that smoking vapes is safe, the body produces dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, oxytocin. These substances contribute to the appearance of a feeling of mild euphoria and a sense of joy in a person.

Psychological addiction

Psychological addiction is an equally important and serious problem that arises when smoking. The process of smoking anything represents a kind of ritual for smokers, with the help of which a person relieves fatigue and stress. It is generally accepted among smokers that while smoking it is easier to communicate, to find a common language with people in the so-called informal setting. When smoking, a person develops a psychological dependence on the very process of inhaling and exhaling smoke or steam. This is actively used in marketing to increase sales, use pleasant aromas, use the slogans “forget about ash and unpleasant smell”, “quit smoking, switch to vaping”, etc. All these factors contribute to the formation of psychological dependence in a person, and it can be very difficult to get rid of it.

Electronic cigarettes vs Vapour

It makes no sense to switch to electronic cigarettes, giving up the usual ones. When you smoke electronic cigarettes from an Vapour Store UK, a huge amount of harmful substances that are carcinogens enter the body, they contribute to the onset of oncological diseases, and have a detrimental effect on health in general. On the Internet, the question of the use of propylene glycol in electronic cigarettes is often discussed, a lot of controversial arguments about the safety of this substance are given. But, in addition to propylene glycol, when smoking electronic cigarettes, dangerous acrolein enters the body, which is an extremely toxic substance; during the First World War, it was used as a chemical weapon.

Smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes is harmful to your health. It is mainly not about the compatibility of chemical substances contained in electronic cigarettes and conventional ones, but about the amount of carcinogenic substances entering the body as a whole.

The risk of developing diseases from smoking vapes is especially high for children, adolescents, pregnant women, the elderly, people with diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as those suffering from allergic reactions.

There are no safe forms of smoking, and the absence of symptoms does not mean that there is no harmful effect on the body. For example, X-ray examination allows you to detect changes only at the stage of changes in the architectonics and structure of the lungs.