The real history of the creation of the French Bulldog breed is not known for certain, so several versions of its origin have arisen. Everyone agrees on one thing: the ancestors of the French Bulldogs were Old English Bulldogs, which were exhibited in dog fights. Further, various assumptions are put forward.


French bulldog appearance Social Overdoze
French bulldog appearance

Sometimes these good-natured animals are selfish and vindictive. They are smart and do not tolerate rough treatment. If you constantly yell at your pet or punish him, he can become embittered and become aggressive. But with a calm, respectful attitude, the French Bulldog will become a true friend.

Children are usually friendly. But it is recommended to ensure that the child does not hurt the pet during the game, otherwise he will snap. It is necessary to teach the baby to be kind to the animal, not to take away toys, not to pester when he eats. Relationships with a new family member can be difficult. When a newborn appears in the house where such a pet lives, the dog may be jealous.

These animals are very attached to the owner (read this story for example french bulldogs for sale). They are devoted to him for the rest of their lives. When he leaves, they miss him greatly, they gladly meet him. They do not tolerate loneliness, they experience it very painfully, they can get bored or get sick. Sociable and kind "French" not only with their family, but even with guests or passers-by on the street. After all, they love when they pay attention, play with them.


These are smart, quick-witted and calm animals with a good reaction. They are easily trained, participate in agility and other cynological sports. The peculiarity of dogs from the French Bulldog breed is that they have a sense of humor. Their mischievous facial expression can be seen even in the photo.

When training, you should ensure that the pet is sure to follow the command. But this must be done without rudeness and punishment. If at least once this is not done, the pet will completely cease to obey. It is important to show the animal who is in charge as early as possible.

After the appearance of a puppy in the house, it must be taught to a place, a bowl, a toilet. These dogs are able to walk at home on a diaper. But even in this case, you still need to walk with your pet. He should know at least basic commands.