Before the smart feed and algorithms, it was not difficult to gain subscribers, because your posts were displayed to all users at the right time, received likes and easily got into the recommended ones. Now you need to work hard to find and retain your audience. I started blogging about 2 years ago - I wanted to share my favorite coffee shops, locations and my thoughts.


How to start a blog on Instagram and gain subscribers Social Overdoze
What do you want to tell the readers? Where are you an expert?

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Decide on the topic

What do you want to tell the readers? Where are you an expert? Who will you write for? Pick 2-3 topics that you understand and that are of interest to you. You don’t need to write about what you don’t like, but is popular now.

Of course, proper nutrition, feminism and life hacks about business can attract a lot of subscribers, but keep in mind that you will have to write or talk about it every day and you should really like the topic.

Analyze your everyday life - what do you like? What do you do in your free time? What do you like to chat with your friends about?

It seems that finding a unique blog theme is difficult and all niches are already taken. But do not forget that it is the feed that catches the eye. You are the reason people will click the Subscribe button. Don't be afraid to be yourself - sincerity always touches.

Tidy up your profile

You have a minute to hook the reader. To do this, you need to work on the avatar, nickname, profile header and publication feed.


It should be simple and recognizable. It is better to choose a photo with your close-up portrait, in which you can be clearly seen. It's great if the avatar overlaps with the topic of your blog - so the reader will immediately understand who he is dealing with and will recognize you among other bloggers.


It is better to choose a nickname that is clear and short - readers should remember it easily.
It is better not to use very long nicknames and a lot of punctuation marks and symbols in a row (periods, underscores, etc.) - they are difficult to search for in a search.
The main difficulty in choosing a nickname is that many popular nicknames are already taken, so you need to use all your imagination. It is good to use your last name, nickname, an indication of the type of activity as a nickname - it is quickly remembered and evokes associations among subscribers.

For example, if you run a fitness blog, you can use the word "sport" in your nickname.

Publication feed

First of all, Instagram is still about beautiful photos and that is why you need to take care of the beauty of your feed. The fashion for whitewashed photos has long passed, now live frames with minimal processing and video are relevant.

But it is still important that photos and videos are combined with each other - it can be a common color scheme or one bright accent that unites all images and videos. I have already shared some tips for photos on Instagram, they will be useful to you.

Photos can be varied: close-up, full-length, flatlays, cityscapes and so on. The more varied the material, the easier it is to combine - there will be many more combinations for the tape and you can alternate photos with you, layouts and nature, for example. A profile with no photos of the same type looks much more interesting.

I usually use VSCO, Snapseed, Lightroom for photo manipulation, and Planoly to test how the photos will fit together.

Remember that subscribing primarily to a person, not a set of useful topics, so don't be afraid to communicate with your readers.

A guide to effective Instagram Stories

Use all the features of Instagram: polls, tests, timer, question window, gifs, slider. This will help diversify your stories and engage your followers.

Don't get lost

Regularity is our everything. Get in the habit of appearing with your readers every day - you don't have to write posts every day, but you definitely need to appear in Stories. This way you will not let your readers forget about you and will keep them informed about what is happening with you. You will disappear and another blogger will appear who will take your place ?

Decide how often you want to post - it's hard at first to do it all the time, but the more you post, the easier it gets.

I realized that inspiration is an extremely unreliable thing and I need to immediately understand what I will be writing about in the coming days. The problem with posts can be solved by drawing up a content plan - write down what you plan to write about in the next week and make post templates.