An SMM panel is an Internet marketing tool that allows businesses and individuals to use social media to promote content. With the help of such panels, you can easily and quickly get subscribers, likes, comments, feedback on goods and services on social networks, and increase the number of visits to the site.


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In this article I will tell you about the most popular services, how to work with them and not get banned from social networks.

In this article I will tell you about the most popular services, how to work with them and not get banned from social networks.

Even a novice can cope with the work in the SMM panel like or Hootsuite. It is enough to register, choose the necessary service, add a link to your profile in the social network and pay.

Then there are two ways things can happen: on your page will come or bots, or real people with live accounts. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay and what results you want to get. 


What you need to know about working with Socal media panels.

At first glance, SMM-panels resemble the usual services for social media promotion: buyers pay users of social networks for likes, comments and reposts, and they get a chance to earn quick money. But there are some nuances that are worth understanding.

How does SMM-panel differ from the services of like cheating?

The key difference is the scale. Accrual services usually use bots, and all the purchases of views, likes, comments you make at once in a batch.

SMM-panels in addition to bots offer users and live actions from real people. Their purpose is to help businesses and individuals to expand their audience and increase brand awareness.

The mechanics of these services somewhat resemble freelance exchanges. You publish a task (order) for platform users and set its cost yourself, and as a result you receive subscriptions, traffic, and reactions from real people. Such a way of recruiting looks natural in comparison with a recruiter and is less likely to arouse suspicion from social networks. 

How can you make money on the Socal Media panel?

Offer your promotion services - either to the service itself or to its clients. In the first case, you are connected to an affiliate or referral program of the service. After registration you get a unique link, share it with others and get from 5 to 10% of advertising.

You can also offer your services as a specialist in the promotion of social networks to companies and individuals to promote their business. In this case, the income will be based on the resale of services offered by the services.

SMM-panels - is it even legal?

Officially, social networks do not prohibit the use of such programs, so in terms of the law, everything is clear. But still, you need to be careful.

As I said, services allow you to artificially inflate the number of subscribers, likes, reposts and other things. Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and other platforms recognize such applications as phishing - fraudulent, illegally collecting user data to sell to third parties. Although Socal Media panels don't actually do this, social networks can still restrict your profile boosting activities.

Can social networks block you?

Yes, if you use the cheapest rates and attract bots to your account. Social networks quickly detect pages with artificial add-on and block them immediately. In addition, there are certain limits on the number of subscriptions and reactions per unit of time. It is possible to clean bots from Instagram with the help of Spam Guard.

Officially, the platform does not disclose this data, but users have derived average values of the required indicators. For example, for a new account the number of subscriptions or unsubscriptions, as well as likes and comments should not exceed 30 per hour or 720 in 24 hours. For profiles that are more than 6 months old, the limit for the above parameters is higher - no more than 60 per hour or 1,440 in 24 hours. 

But, as I said, social networks do not give any exact figures - even if you have not exceeded the limits, the account can be banned if activity in it seems suspicious to algorithms.