Music, TikTok videos, leaked photo: Paige Vanzant makes scandal again!. If you follow social media trends, you surely know her. What are her plans for 2023?


Unknown facts about amazing Paige Vanzant Social Overdoze
Millions of dollars and followers: Paige Vanzant Onlyfans star

After becoming a media personality, Paige is no different. She remains a simple American girl who can be found in the neighbourhood. Her involvement in Dancing with the Stars hasn't affected this either.

Fans enjoy following their idol's daily routine thanks to photos on her personal Instagram account. VanZant posts swimming costume pics from holidays, workouts, personal shots and images with her husband. In her spare time, she likes listening to music and watching soap operas.

The athlete is 163 cm tall and weighs 56 kg. See more details: (Paige Vanzant)

Paige Vanzant now

After publishing an autobiographical book, where Paige Vanzant shared her thoughts and experiences, she started speaking openly about the violence a woman can face. She was empowered by the movement against sexual violence under the tag #MeToo. She actively supports those who have faced similar situations in their lives.

One of the big news about the fighter's life was the information covered in an interview with the BBC. Paige talked about the eating disorders she had to deal with while constantly working on her weight before competitions. The girl adjusted to UFC parameters by shedding extra pounds, but this led to health problems, so Paige decided to move up to another weight class.

Awards and titles

The athlete now competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In her account so far only awards for successful sparring are under her belt. Paige VanZant has not yet achieved any big titles, but her career as a fighter is gaining momentum, and big achievements are yet to come.